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Miraculous Growth and Stagnation in Post-War Japan

This quantity examines varied elements of the japanese adventure in a comparative context. there's a lot the following of relevance to modern constructing nations fearful to start up the event of staggering progress and concerned to prevent the next stagnation. Such problems with the position of presidency in supplying the correct amount of boy or girl security, the relevance of the economy, the country’s unusual company constitution and the position of schooling in a comparative context serve to light up the teachings and legacies of this exact event in improvement.

America’s economic way of war : war and the US economy from the Spanish–American War to the Persian Gulf War

How did monetary and fiscal elements confirm how the United States waged battle within the 20th century? this significant new publication exposes the impression of economics and finance at the questions of no matter if the state should still visit warfare, how wars will be fought, how assets will be mobilized, and the long term outcomes for the yank economic climate.

The Nordic Welfare State in Three Eras: From Emancipation to Discipline

Nordic welfare states are recognized for a distinct mixture of fairness and potency and for political associations facilitating compromise and consensus among conflicting pursuits. The Nordic Welfare kingdom in 3 Eras: From Emancipation to self-discipline analyses the historic and modern evolution of Nordic welfare states in Denmark, Sweden and Finland in the course of 3 classes: the developmental interval until eventually the top of WWII, the interval of emancipatory welfare associations till the Nineteen Eighties, and the interval of restructuring from the Eighties till current instances.

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Alienage, we might say, pits citizenship against itself ... Our condition ... ’16 If public reason is to be effective there has to be an ethic of toleration in the global dialogue that puts you in the position of being in the midst of ‘cognitive dissonances that will remain unresolved for the time being’, Habermas argues. ’ Tolerance represents a form of endurance that is a result of a consciously negotiated and contained contradiction between nonconcurrence at the level of social interaction and dissonance in the realm of cognitive belief.

Imagine spending your life looking for insults or for hiding places from them – shrinking ... ’11 The double-bind of universality and contingency that shackles the life of minority subjects or stateless groups is articulated in a discourse that is contradictory and ambivalent. Integration and disintegration intersect in an unresolved dialectic that expresses the on-going tension within values and beliefs in determining what is legal and what is (un)just, and what may be illegal but ethically and politically fair.

This site was neither background nor foreground; it was strangely there and nowhere. How do you ‘dis-possess’ a cultural space, a heritage site, that has developed a global resonance, a demonic presence? How do you ‘dis-possess’ a site or subject of the past – that is, at once, tangible and intangible – and yet preserve and protect the traumatic heritage of its memory without which history is silenced, and memory is made mute. Guilt, Reparation, Apology, Truth and Reconciliation – these are important moral dispositions and political strategies that strive to surmount the internecine violence of nations and states ‘in transition’ by practicing the virtue of public confession, and the balm of collective introspection.

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