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By Chakrabarti B.K., Chakraborti A., Chatterjee A. (eds.)

Utilizing tips to deal with coupled nonlinear dynamical many-body structures, numerous developments have already been made in knowing the habit of markets/economic/social structures and their dynamics. The booklet intends to supply the reader with up-to-date reports on such significant advancements in either econophysics and sociophysics, through top specialists within the respective fields. this can be the 1st booklet supplying a breathtaking view of those advancements within the final decade.

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Such collective effects have analogies in many other contexts, ranging from social behavior and vehicular traffic to physical systems. All such examples involve (i) many constituents, and (ii) interactions. The latter can be direct interactions between individual constituents, or interactions mediated via other individuals or via groups of them. Another form of interaction is that between each individual and a common quantity, often called a mean field. An example of the latter is the noise level at a drinks party, to which the individuals present have to react by speaking more loudly to be heard, which introduces a destabilizing feedback.

3 Data Analysis and Empirical Facts Regarding Statics total stock at given price bids asks best bid best ask price Fig. 6 Successive instantaneous states of limit-order market/book given as accumulated bids and asks (for a particular stock) as a function of price. The main question concerns which processes to incorporate in the model. In this regard the collective particle models proposed for limit-order markets fall into two families, one in which orders diffuse on the price axis [10, 11, 19] and the other where orders can be placed and executed [12, 21], and also cancelled [14, 15, 23].

13), and again cannot be calculated “ex ante”, as (δQ) is a not exact differential form. The integral depends on the path of integration, the surplus depends on the production process. The thermodynamic formulation of economics makes it possible to compare economic production to work in thermodynamics. Heat pumps. A heat pump is close to the energy reservoir of a river or garden. A heat pump or generator may periodically invest 1 kWh of energy one way and gain 5 kWh on the way back! The heat output ( Q) is larger than the work input (W ).

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