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A combination helical differs from the previous operator, represents (lcscribes -" I. 6, the general The symmetry is, RTR is translation an axis, say _.. se Xo = li and R = I. • a = M I.. A periodic ture clark gray lines symmetry of the symmetry gives the eigenvalues the modes condition. in that operator shown in of the structure boundary operators of R2 is not the are not simply for the symmetry 4-1. oper- structure. one of the fields, perhal)s problem in the periodic a wave propagating from the comI)lcx along field A(x) E or H, of a mode which is a solution structure.

2/C 2 such W2 o Vx(/z-lVxE) = -_TeE in V. 44c) on F_ym-le_t, - 0 9_m {fi×Ee -i¢/2} = 0 and _'_lr, on Fsym-right. 44g) Chapter Planar Structures to the Finite ° A simple microwave structure to solve is a cylindrical uniform isotropic media. The cross-section . 1. The cross-secti": of the wavcguide constants and the material waveguide containing must be constant properties over the length e and # are assumed to be scalar in the waveguide. In the first section below Maxwell's equations reduced to a two dimensional duces an equivalent for the TE and TM modes are scalar eigenmode problem.

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