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Conferred upon those to In d'dsha ceremony already described in this case is supposed but the guru ; to join the sishya from the Maya-garhJia to and made is similar to the all its details, it is to contemplate soul of the SaJcti-garbJia, mind on in his external union of Vagisvari with Vagisvara. the this guru teaches charas or the creeds of his After samaya- disciple the his They faith. the are abstinence from reviling Siva, Sivasastras, Sivagni, and the gtiru, from cr6ssing even the shadow of these and from eating oneself or presenting to others for eating the food offered to Siva doing pujd, to : Sivagni and to the guru to the end of one's so on.

Other 166 16 who 168 10 upon Apasmara-.. purusha destroyd stronger of than all the other who destroyed upon the Apasmarapurusha HINDU ICONOGEAPHY. ee 211 Line Foi Bead HINDU ICONOGRAPHY. Page 328 Line For Bead HINDU IGONOGEAPHY. Page 463 Line For Bead INTEODUCTION. /^NE of the oldest as also the most widely spread cult in India is that of 6iva. once of several sects, of It consisted which only a few have survived to the present day. Some them had of the sanction of the Vedas while others were classed as outside the some Vedas or as opposed to them had milder forms of them life, sect to sect.

Idha- HINDU ICONOGRAPHY. The Saivas may observe both the Vaidika and the Saiva duties, but if some the former are of opposed to the teachings of the Saiva tantras, they should be abandoned. the and bhantiJii Those that have undergone naisJithiJci may dlhshas even abandon the Vaidik sandhyd ceremony but never the Saiva sandhya. The Agamas parts, the are alv^ays divided four into Kriyapdda, the Charydpdda, the Yoga- pada and the Jnanapada the study and observance of the rules laid down in one, two, three or all four of these are enjoined upon the Samayis, the putrakas, the bhautihis and the naishthilcis respec- The paths pursued by these are also known respectively by the names dasamdrga, futramdrga, tively.

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