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By Fabrice Jotterand

This quantity presents a serious evaluate of the character of nanotechnology and its purposes within the biomedical sciences, in addition to the philosophical and ethico-legal concerns it increases. The articles are an exploration via students from a variety of disciplines.

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The major obstacle was the heat produced by the generator, which would cause its explosion at a critical point. Conventional engineers trained in “abstract” engineering would try to reduce the size of the couple turbine/generator to avoid explosion. The environment where the machine should operate (water) would not be taken into account in the design process: their machine would be an 38 X. Guchet, B. Bensaude-Vincent open air engine, modified to be immersed in the water pipe. By contrast, the “concrete engineer” will include the characteristics of the milieu in the design principles.

Physical Review B, 69, 045409 Merkle, R. (1992). Self Replicating Systems and Molecular Manufacturing. zyvex. , & Joachim, C. (2006a). Launching and Landing Single Molecular Wheelbarrows on a Cu(1 0 0) surface. Chemical Physics Letter, 431, 219–222 Whitesides, G. M. (2001). The Once and Future Nanomachine. Scientific American, Sept, 78–83 No Future for Nanotechnology? Historical Development vs. Global Expansion* Alfred Nordmann Abstract Since there are few disruptive nanotechnological products and processes now, it would seem that ethical and societal deliberations concern what nanotechnology may bring in the future.

3 Such research thus operates in a paradoxically defined space as it explores degrees of freedom in the face of apparent inevitability. 4 The “will change” finally prompts a third response and it is the focus of the following reflections. Are we to imagine a more or less distant future for which we must assume responsibility now, or else, are we already implicated in this change, is it taking place as we speak? On first sight, this third issue appears to be a matter merely of roadmaps and timelines.

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