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mycotoxins are heat-stable no significant reduction in their concentration will occur during baking (see Table Influence of baking and other heat processing on stability of trichothecenes). For details see each single mycotoxin. : BEN) A chronic kidney disease which was first described in the 1950s in the Vratza District (Bulgaria).

3038 fIg I kg, country: UK, *moldy incidence: 18/127, cone. range: tr-38 fIg I kg, country: USA incidence: 11/848, cone. range : < 15-116 fIgI kg, country: USA incidence: 23/182, cone. range : 10-29 fIg I kg, country: USA incidence: 22*/159, cone. range: :s; 29 fIg I kg, country: USA, *11 contained less than 10 fIg I kg incidence: 23/164, cone. range: < 10-29 fIg I kg, country: USA incidence: 11/103, cone. : 3800 fIg I kg, coun try: USSR incidence: 81M*, cone. : 800 fIg I kg, country: Poland ~ sterigmatocystin incidence: 2/4*, cone.

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