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By M. De Brabander, R. Nuydens, H. Geerts (auth.), Pierre J. Courtoy (eds.)

(Director: Pierre J. COURTOY) years after its first amassing in Oeiras, Portugal, the ecu Endocytosis staff convened for a moment workshop on the Pasteur Institute, Paris, on October 1-5, 1990. The assembly is said intimately during this quantity; a initial insurance, in accordance with the overviews of every consultation, has seemed within the New Biologist (1991, 3:243-252). the 3 major targets, to develop the viewers, to give a extra complete view of the a number of features of endocytosis, from uncomplicated biology to future health, affliction and treatment, in addition to to elucidate arguable matters, were principally fulfilled. the second one ecu Workshop on Endocytosis used to be attended through greater than tOO contributors, originating from 18 nations. fifty nine lectures and 35 posters have been awarded. additionally, vivi~ roundtables allowed to completely talk about the dynamics and the law of the endocytic equipment, in addition to the function of endocytosis in antigen presentation. Endocytosis is a common and designated estate of all eukaryotic cells, together with protists, vegetation and fungi.

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Although one product is neurone-specific, both genes can be expressed in the same cell. The ~ and ~' subunits are highly homologous, but the N-termini of the 'Y (Golgi) and ex (plasmalemmal) adaptins are quite distinct. What determines organelle targeting remains to be elucidated. Finally, Bo Van Deurs called the attention to a distinct, clathrinindependant endocytic pathway. Indeed, when cells are K+ -depleted or acidified, receptor-mediated endocytosis of transferrin is almost arrested whereas the adsorptive tracer ricin and the fluid-phase tracer lucifer yellow are still internalized to a large extent.

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H 62 Endocytosis Edited by P. J. , 1986). It is generally accepted that in addition to clathrin, adaptins are required at the level of the plasma membrane or of Golgi derived membranes to form coated pits that bud into coated vesicles. , 1984) which is identical to the hsc 70 heat shock protein (Rothman and Schmid, 1986). , 1977). , 1985 ; Bruder and Wiedeman, 1986). The effect of cytoplasmic acidification and hypertonic media on clathrin lattice morphology has been recently described at the ultrastructural level (Heuser, 1989 ; Heuser and Anderson, 1989).

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