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The original hydronic heating and cooling systems — installed in 1969 when the building was constructed — was a two-pipe changeover system which shared basic supply and return lines to fancoil units,” said Jefferson. “At any given time, the entire building was either in heating or cooling mode. com/instantproductinfo Gateway City Apartment Building Goes Single-Pipe FIGURE 1. The Council Tower building in St. Louis underwent a major upgrade with the installation of a single-pipe heating and cooling system designed to save money and increase tenant comfort.

The system is self-balancing, reducing many start-up, commissioning, and operational problems because all zones get their required amount of flow at all times. In addition to the energy savings typical with hydronic systems, the approach reduces head loss by eliminating many control and balancing valves, as well as some pipe. The result is lower pump head and less energy consumption to move the water. “The Airtherm fancoils being installed are custom made for the FIGURE 2. Two vertical inline pumps, located in the basement, circulate chilled water throughout the building.

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