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By Forrest M. Mims 3rd

Comprises drawings, historical past and simple circuits

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2(a) and CRYSTAL GROWTH METHOD 33 cooled in an appropriate temperature distribution. In many cases, single crystal seeds are set in the bottom of the crucible. In the case of compound semiconductors, one of the constituents is usually volatile. The crucible is therefore set in a quartz ampoule and the constituent element is set in the bottom of the closed ampoule to heat in such a way that vaporization is prevented during crystal growth. In the case of the VB method, when a large diameter ampoule with a large amount of charge is lowered in the furnace, the temperature distribution in the furnace is changed since the heat capacity of the ampoule is too large.

In many cases, the vapor of the dissociative constituent of the crystal is pressurized during crystal growth to prevent decomposition. Parsey '~ and ThielZohave developed a sophisticated HB furnace arrangement for precise temperature profile control using a multi-zone furnace. (3) Horizontal Zone Melting (HZM) method Zone melting was first invented by Pfannz1,22 for material purification. As explained in Chapter 3, the material can be purified after zone passing due to the distribution coefficient of impurities.

EV I % . ' . _ . 507 eV . . . Energy (eV) . EC Fig. 14 Schockley diagram for semi-insulating GaAs where the deep donor is EL2. low donor, N, the concentration of shallow donor, Ed, the ionization energy of deep donor and N,, the concentration of deep donor. These carriers and ionized species must satisfy the following neutral conditions. 13) Eqs. 13 can not be solved analytically, but they can be solved graphically by the Schokley diagram and/or by the iteration method. Fig. 14 shows an example of the Schockley diagram for undoped semi-insulating GaAs.

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