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Wilson, 'Cloth Production and International Competition in the Seventeenth Century', Econ. Hist. , second series, XIII, no. 2, i960. ' 56 ' See M. P. Ashley, op. , Appendix B, "The Character of English Exports and Imports in the Mid-Seventeenth Century'. 2 Charles M. Andrews, British Committees, Commissions and Councils of Trade and Plantations 1622-167$, Baltimore, 1908, p. 10. 57 England's Apprenticeship 1603-1763 The Trade of England: The Seventeenth-Century Crisis that year special Commissions of Trade were appointed, to inquire, inter alia, into the depression in the cloth industry.

He had only just emerged from the Fleet prison into which he had been cast for debts incurred in an unsuccessful contract for making farthing coins. 1 See Supple, op. , chap. 9, for the fullest and most recent discussion of the controversy, 1 R. W. K. Hinton, The Eastland Trade and the Commyi Wtal in the Seventeenth Century, 1959, p. i

To this 'old soded project of his, of 22 years' growth', as he impolitely described Malynes's programme, Misselden replied with a different analysis. To him the main problem was the manipulation of the European currencies which had caused English coin to be undervalued and drawn off into the foreign mints. '. The remedy was therefore to raise the valuation of sdver coins. In the early stages of the discussion, Mun seems to have shared some of the views of both his fellow controversialists. Like Malynes, he criticized the 'abuse of exchange' as a cause of the trouble.

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