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Orientalismus und demokratische Öffentlichkeit. Antimuslimischer Rassismus aus Sicht postkolonialer und neuerer kritischer Theorie

Seit Jahren wird in politischer Öffentlichkeit und Wissenschaft heftig darüber gestritten, welches Sprechen über den Islam als legitimer Teil demokratischer Debatten zu betrachten ist und welches nicht. Diese Konflikte nimmt Floris Biskamp als Ausgangspunkt für eine theoretische Diskussion von Aushandlungen kultureller Differenz in der demokratischen Öffentlichkeit.

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Let me advise you, then, to form the habit of taking some of your solitude with you into society, to learn to be to some extent alone even though you are in company; not to say at once what you think, and, on the other hand, not to attach 33 Essays – Volume One too precise a meaning to what others say; rather, not to expect much of them, either morally or intellectually, and to strengthen yourself in the feeling of indifference to their opinion, which is the surest way of always practicing a praiseworthy toleration.

This explain two circumstances. First of all, it shows why it is that common, ordinary people are so sociable and find good company wherever they go. Ah! those good, dear, brave people. It is just the contrary with those who are not of the common run; and the less they are so, the more unsociable they become; so that if, in their isolation, they chance to come across some one in whose nature they can find even a single sympathetic chord, be it never so minute, they show name is legion; while those who are better off in this respect and of a rarer nature, are not often to be met with: they are called rare because you can seldom find them.

For, as a matter of fact, this very genuine privilege of old age is one which can be enjoyed only if a man is possessed of a certain amount of intellect; it will be appreciated most of all where there is real mental power; but in some degree by 32 Schopenhauer every one. It is only people of very barren and vulgar nature who will be just as sociable in their old age as they were in their youth. But then they become troublesome to a society to which they are no longer suited, and, at most, manage to be tolerated; whereas, they were formerly in great request.

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