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By Authors: Partha Ghose, Dipankar Home & Narender K. Sehgal

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If so, those procedures would then be modified. Some plants have developed and implemented specific emergency operating procedures for mitigation of accidental situations during shutdown. The evaluation of operating procedures is necessary due to new studies, new operational practices, hardware modifications, etc. Particular attention should be paid to initiators which lead to common mode failures during shutdown modes, for example: • Total blackout; • Total loss of ultimate heat sink; • Malfunction of the normal RHR.

In the field of deterministic accident analysis methodology: (6) The effort should be concentrated on validation of available computer codes (RELAP 5, CATHARE, ATHLET, TRAC, MELCOR, RAINBOW) and applicability of their relevant correlations for thermohydraulic LPS conditions analysis. (7) More detailed/advanced calculations are needed to understand the uncertainties involved with deboration events. One phenomenon that may be of significant importance is the mixing behaviour at the plug of non-borated water as it moves through the surrounding coolant and through the core region.

Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority, Hungary Suchomel, J. , Slovakia Tarasov, A Ignalina NPP, Lithuania Vergelj, M. W. Sandia National Laboratories, USA Zonev, A.

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