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Most famed for the dambusting raid within the darkest days of the second one international battle, the No 617 Sqn have been a enormously skilled team, but little has been written concerning the devices later operations. shaped in 1943, the squadron pioneered a number of experimental guns during the entirety of the warfare, utilizing either Mosquitoes and Mustangs as well as average and non-standard Lancasters. It was once additionally the 1st, and in basic terms, squadron to take advantage of definite gear and guns (22,000 lb Tallboy bomb, for instance) in strive against. masking the entire background of the No 617 Squadron, this examine attracts on formerly unpublished info to provide an explanation for the lads, airplane, guns and operations of this squadron. color plates of the planes and uniforms convey this historical past to lifestyles, together with a never-before obvious squadron badge which was once rejected and not made it onto the uniforms.

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218 Sqn. 1r was hoped that rhe [WO 'The creation of a racrical surprise ro supporr rhe landing of rroops on operarions would draw enemy forces northwards, away from rhe real invasion flotilla thar was It involved flying wirhin ar leasr nine miles of rhe enemy coasr without heading for Normandy. If successful, the 2nd Tactical Air Force would fighrer cover in conditions of bright moonlight and a heighr of nor more rhen arrack bridges along rhe roure taken by German grounds forces, than 3000 fr. At this alrirude rhe aircraft was open ro atrack by rhe rhus curring off rheir means of rerum back ro the Normandy beachhead.

On I May 0 617 Sqn received word that its badge, submitted for approval almost a year before, had finally been approved with the preferred 'Apres Moi Ie Deluge' motro chosen by the Ki ng. The official dcscri ption of the badge was given as 'On a roundel, a wall in fesse, fractured by three flashes oflighrning in pile and issuant from the breach, water proper'. PREPARING FOR D-DAY By the spring of 1944, the Allies' intended invasion of the European mainland, codenamed Operation Overlord, was in the final planning 66 stages.

L. before returning to No 630 Sqn on 10 June that same year (Freddy Watts) 617 Sgn despaeched several newly arrived pilors, navigarors and bomb aimers from rhe H2S crews so rhar rhey could observe rhe marking and bombing merhods rhe unir employed, As Cheshire was marking in a Mosquiro (ML976/HS- ), Moyna's cameras were firred ro Munro's regular mounr (LM482/K -W) ro allow him ro film ir. Once over rhe rarger, Cheshire began his dive from 5000 fr, releasing rwo red spor fires ar 1000 fr on rhe norrhwesr edge of rhe facrory complex, followed by rhe resr of rhe crews who bombed from various heighrs wirh grear a curacy, The following week proved ro be a busy one for 0617 gn.

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