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After “OS X Lion Server” has completed downloading, the Server app should automatically open. 8 In the Welcome to Server pane, click Continue. Installing Lion Server 9 Agree to the license agreement. 10 In the Install Software pane, click Continue. 11 Provide administrator credentials, and then click Continue. Wait while additional components are downloaded. 13 14 Installing and Configuring OS X Lion Server installing Server Components on Snow Leopard Server If you have an existing Snow Leopard Server, you can upgrade to Lion Server.

To add a server to the list, click the Add (+) pop-up menu in the lower-left corner of window, choose Add Server, and authenticate to the server. To remove a server from the list, select it, click the Action pop-up menu (labeled with a gear and a down arrow), and choose Remove Server. If you select your server from the list on the left, you will be able to interact with your server directly. If, however, you click directly on the word Servers in the window, you will be able to view statistics on all the connected servers, such as the name, operating-system version, CPU usage, network throughput, disk usage, uptime, and number of connected users.

The second option, “Host name for private network” might be appropriate if you install Lion Server with a private IPv4 address on a network that allows Initial Lion Server Configuration computers and devices to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to gain access to that network. ” 23 For the purpose of the exercises in this book, select “Host name for Internet” and click Continue. Connecting to Your Mac pane This pane allows you to set your Computer Name, Host Name, and offers a shortcut to the Network system preference.

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