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Further details about tcx file loading can be found in the teTEX manual. 10 Limitations of PDFTEX pdfTEX currently lacks a colorstack. This can be overcome by the pdfcolmk package. Abbreviations In this document we used a few abbreviations. For convenience we mention their meaning here. afm ascii CMacTEX ConTEXt dvi encTEX eps epstopdf ε-TEX exif fpTEX content Adobe Font Metrics American Standard Code for Information Interchange Macintosh Web2c distribution general purpose macro package native TEX Device Independent file format encTEX extension to TEX Encapsulated PostScript eps to pdf conversion tool an extension to TEX Exchangeable Image File format (JPEG file variant) Win32 Web2c distribution The pdfTEX user manual exit Ghostscript hz jpeg LATEX Mac OS X md5 METAFONT METAPOST MikTeX MLTEX mptopdf MSDos pdf pdfeTEX pdfLATEX pdfTEX Perl pgc pk png PostScript PStoPDF rgb tcx tds teTEX TEX TEXexec Texinfo content ps and pdf language interpreter Hermann Zapf optimization Joint Photographic Expert Group general purpose macro package Macintosh operating system version 10 MD5 message-digest algorithm graphic programming environment, bitmap output graphic programming environment, vector output Win32 distribution MLTEX extension to TEX METAPOST to pdf conversion tool Microsoft DOS platform (Intel) Portable Document Format ε-TEX extension producing pdf output TEX extension producing pdf output (LATEX format loaded) TEX extension producing pdf output Perl programming environment pdf Glyph Container Packed bitmap font Portable Network Graphics PostScript PostScript to pdf converter (on top of GhostScript) Red Green Blue color specification TEX Character Translation TEX Directory Standard TEX distribution for Unix (based on Web2c) typographic language and program ConTEXt command line interface generate typeset documentation from info pages The pdfTEX user manual exit TEX Live TEXutil tfm Unix url web Web2c Win32 TEX-Live distribution (multiple platform) ConTEXt utility tool TEX Font Metrics Unix platform Uniform Resource Locator literate programming environment official multi--platform web environment Microsoft Windows platform Examples of HZ and protruding In the following sections we will demonstrate pdfTEX’s protruding and hz features, using a text from E.

Both options are irrelevant for non--pdf inclusions. 21, \pdfximage command supports colorspace keyword followed by an object number (user-defined colorspace for the image being included). This feature works for jpeg images only. pngs are rgb palettes and pdf images have always self--contained color space information. \pdfrefximage integer The image is kept in memory and will be written to the pdf output only when its number is referred to by \pdfrefximage or \pdfximage is preceded by \immediate.

When \pdfimageapplygamma is set to 1, then whenever a png image is included, pdfTEX applies a gamma correction. This correction is based on the value of the \pdfgamma primitive and the ‘assumed device gamma’ that is derived from the value embedded in the actual image. If no embedded value can be found in the png image, then the value of \pdfimagegamma is used instead. If specified, the parameter must appear before any data is written to the pdf output. 0. \pdfimagegamma (integer) This primitive gives a default ‘assumed gamma’ value for png images.

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