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Personnel should be protected by washable or disposable outerwear including coveralls, breathing apparatus, gloves, shoe coverings, and head coverings. Outerwear should be disposed in an approved manner, or personnel should shower in their protective clothing until decontaminated. Brushing or grinding or any cleaning method that creates dusts should be avoided. If this not possible, personnel must wear breathing apparatus when performing these operations. Unprotected personnel must be denied access to the area.

Becquerel A unit of activity equal to one disintegration per second. beta particle An electron. cosmic rays A stream of ionizing radiation of extraterrestrial origin. 7 ¥ 1010 disintegrations per second. daughter The product of a radioactive decay. distribution coefficient The ratio of the concentration of adsorbed isotope to its concentration in a solution with which the adsorbing surface is in equilibrium. dosimeter An integrating device that measures the total radiation dose received by an individual over a period of time.

API, 1989) From the foregoing, it is apparent that external exposure is not a problem with oil field equipment. Some precautions must be observed, however, when exposure to radioactive scales is possible. Waters and solids contaminated with naturally-occurring radioisotopes are called NORM (Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials), NARM (Natural and Accelerator-produced Radioactive Materials) or LSA (Low Specific Activity) materials. We will use the term NORM because we do not encounter man-made radioisotopes.

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