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How to believe God for a mate

God understands who's the easiest mate for you! you don't need to head via from now on sleepless, lonely nights, frustrations, disappointments or ache as a result of the misadventures of relationship. He is aware who will

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In all that you do, do it as though it is unto the Lord" (Colossians 3:23) because you have no idea the lives you are touching," he said. U. at mid-term of my sophomore year, my first job was in the P. E. laundry room. The laundry room was an open area, like a twenty to thirty foot square box, with baskets filled with dirty clothes stacked from floor to ceiling, creating the walls of this area. We literally walked into the middle of everybody's stinking gym clothes! We called it the pit, because it was the pits!

A. work, he employed a former baseball player, Billy Sunday, to help in evangelistic meetings. Later, Sunday held a series of services in Charlotte, North Carolina. A group of local men were so enthused about the meetings that they planned another crusade, this one to be led by Mordecai Ham. During one of these meetings, someone invited a young man to come who gave his life to Christ. His name was Billy Graham. Millions have heard the Gospel through Billy Graham's ministry. As you begin to walk out God's divine destiny, you may be just one pebble in the middle of a lake, but one pebble can touch every shore!

It will give you a gratitude for Jesus when you realize that He had you on His mind when He was hanging on the cross at Calvary. Jesus' destiny involved leaving heaven, becoming a missionary in the earth and then giving His blood at Calvary. Why did He do it? Because He had you and me in mind! Jesus knew if He didn't fulfill His destiny, we couldn't fulfill ours. We would all be destined for hell if Jesus hadn't intercepted us through Calvary. 3. It will give you joy wh en you realize your life is hooked up with Almighty God.

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