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By Michel Poulain (auth.), Heiner Maier, Jutta Gampe, Bernard Jeune, Jean-Marie Robine, James W. Vaupel (eds.)

Does human mortality after age a hundred and ten proceed to upward thrust, point off, or begin to decline? This publication describes a concerted, foreign study attempt undertaken with the target of building a database that permits the very best description of the mortality trajectory past the age of one hundred ten. The foreign Database on toughness (IDL) is the results of this ongoing attempt. The IDL includes exhaustive details on proven circumstances of supercentenarians (people one hundred ten years and older) and permits independent estimates of mortality after age a hundred and ten. the most discovering is notable: human mortality after age a hundred and ten is flat at a chance of demise of fifty% in line with yr. The 16 chapters of this publication speak about age validation of remarkable toughness, facts on supercentenarians in a sequence of nations, constitution and contents of the IDL, and statistical research of human mortality after age a hundred and ten. a number of chapters comprise brief bills of particular supercentenarians that upload existence to demographic research.

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The second crucially important aspect is age validation (see also the chapter by Poulain in this volume). The IDL aims to provide information only on supercentenarians whose ages have been validated. 2. The IDL was originally designed for the collection of data on supercentenarians, and currently contains information only about individuals who have reached an age of at least 110. However, an expansion of the IDL to younger ages is already being prepared. For several countries, information on so-called ‘semi-supercentenarians’ (aged 105+) is International Database on Longevity 33 available, and will be included in the IDL in the future.

16 Michel Poulain communes are able to compile a list of all nonagenarians and centenarians alive, with exact dates of birth and places of residence. Before the Anagrafe was computerized, the register included a sheet with information on each individual living in the commune. Two copies of those individual sheets are still available, with the first copies being classified by name and sex, and the second by household and address. When a person died or emigrated, the corresponding individual sheet was withdrawn from the active Anagrafe and kept separately in a folder called eliminati.

Such cases are tagged as VALIDATION=B. They can arise, for example, when a local residence register officially confirms a date of death, but without issuing any personal document on the individual. Or there may be cases in which the sequence of entries in national censuses was carefully checked by the respective national statistical office over the course of the individual’s life. The ways in which such VALIDATION=B cases arise differs between countries, and the actual validation steps are described in the country reports in Part II of this volume.

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