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Instant cPanel License

icpl-home copy

How can we increase conversion without sabotaging the effectiveness of the previous website on one of HostDime’s crucial web sites? Initially tasked with simply refreshing the look and feel of one of HostDime’s sister websites, I felt it necessary to try to increase conversion by improving usability, establishing current design trends, and setting a precedence for tracking user flow…. Read more »

Videri Chocolate Factory


One of the most rewarding experiences I had at Orlando based agency, Purple Rock Scissors. As an associate front-end developer I was tasked with assisting in the development of A site that would later go on to win the best web site awarded by Orlando Weekly’s 2014 Orlando American Advertising Awards. With a very… Read more »

Knight Bloc


Knight Bloc, a club and night life promotion company, approached me with the task of designing their website. They wanted to be able to show their upcoming and past events, who they were, and how they were involved in the Orlando community. Looking at their competitors revealed that other club promotion companies around Orlando did… Read more »



As a front-end developer at Purple Rock Scissors, helping LinkedIn with one of their responsive email campaigns was a lesson in multi-device and multi-browser compatibility. We used a service called Litmus to ensure emails rendered correctly on desktop, mobile devices, and different browsers. Although tedious, the process of making sure that the email was available to… Read more »



ShopPal is a social media app centered around fashion. They came to me asking for a logo and app icon. Although the app is geared towards a female audience, they didn’t want the colors and type to feel too feminine. With that in mind, I tried to pick a more neutral color and paired it… Read more »



Davidoff Cigars needed some email templates created to promote their Timeless Classics line of cigars. They provided us with assets including pictures and copy. The email needed to stay inline with their branding so I looked at some of their older emails to get some inspiration. I presented a couple of different designs and the… Read more »